If we can lift it, we will cart it

Truck Specs

  • 450hp Isuzu Giga
  • 6.3m Deck
  • Payload 9,500 kg (amount of weight we can legally carry)

Hi-Ab Specs

  • Hiab 300
  • 12 ton max lift
  • 2.2 ton at 11.4m
  • 12m max reach

Specialist Hi-Ab Attachments

Our fleet is growing!

Truck Specs

  • 4WD Isuzu FTS800
  • 8m Deck
  • Payload 5,500 kg (amount of weight we can legally carry)

Hi-Ab Specs

  • Front Mount Hi-Ab Pk1100
  • 900kg at 10m
  • 2.5 ton at 4.5m max reach

The only 4WD Hi-Ab on the Coromandel Peninsula!

An affordable option!

Ute Specs

  • 2022 LDV 3.0 Bi Turbo
  • 3500kg towing capability

Trailer Specs

  • 5m Brian James trailer with multiple configurations
  • Flat deck, to tipper, to transporter
  • 3000kg payload

Transporting anything that will fit on the trailer

What's New?

We have some new equipment worth showing


Maximum manoeuvrability, 2 or 3 axle options available, Weight transfer to truck through drawbar, Spring assisted or hydraulic ramps available, High tensile steel (700mpa), 7m & 8.5m deck lengths available, 40/50mm tow eye or pintle hook available, Ship Lock pockets included, Certified load anchors.


Wide opening width allows usage with large kerbs and barriers, 5000KG Weight limit. Ideal for lifting concrete blocks & slabs.


What our clients have to say


Some of our most recent projects this year

4-Tonne Blocks

Using our new concrete grabs to lift these concrete blocks

Big Crane

This big crane makes ours look so little in comparison


Old relics of the past. Moved from a rubbish pile to


Lifting a 7m cabin off a flatbed and placing