Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd is committed to excellence and continual improvement in health and safety. Our goal is for our workers to enjoy a safe, healthy environment.

Our health and safety system guides us in managing all aspects of health and safety including:

  • people,
  • hazards and risks,
  • accidents,
  • emergencies, and
  • contractors

We comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (the “Act”) and all other relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice relevant to our industry.

We acknowledge that our work creates hazards and risks, and we engage with our workers to eliminate or minimise these as far as is reasonably practicable.

All plant and equipment will be purchased, driven and maintained so as to provide safe and fuel-efficient handling. Drivers will be trained and required to maintain all legal parameters required of a professional driver.

Events will be reported and managed promptly and accurately. We promote a learning culture in order to achieve this. Where necessary, a rehabilitation plan will be developed to provide a safe and early return to work. Our aim is to ensure we learn from all accidents, incidents and near misses. An investigation will therefore be undertaken to identify and implement corrective actions.

Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd, as the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) acknowledges that it has the ultimate responsibility for health and safety. Health and safety is built into all our systems so that it is part of the way we work.

Richard Burgess as our officer ensures that Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd carries out its responsibilities as outlined in the Act; that there are adequate resources available and that all workers are aware of and comply with their responsibilities.

Our workers are essential in creating a healthy and safe workplace. We commit to engage with our workers and encourage their participation. Workers will work in a safe manner, following our systems and sharing their experiences with others, including management.