1. Our Commitment

Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd is committed to Healthy Work and Wellbeing by ensuring there are procedures in place to manage an adverse event.

Workers are protected by this policy by being familiar with the steps to follow should an adverse event occur.

This policy will be made available to all workers including contractors. New workers will be given a copy of this policy at their induction. Managers and supervisors will remind workers of the policy from time to time

2. Definition

An adverse event is one which could have negative outcomes for people’s safety, health or wellbeing, serious damage to property, the company’s reputation or the environment. 

3. Our Response

Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd will, to the best of their ability, identify reasonably foreseeable adverse events and plan for these. Generally, these will be located within the health and safety system. they may also exist in our clients’ information or through other sources, such as Government websites. Appropriate and adequate equipment will be provided to relevant workers, depending on the likelihood and level of risk.

Where practicable, the plans will be practiced.

Employees will be informed of the potential adverse events and procedures via induction. Contractors and visitors will be informed on induction or when signing in.

4. Employee Obligations

Employees are required to read and understand the information provided to them, asking if they require additional information.

They are expected to participate in practicing for adverse events and providing feedback to the company.

Employees will report any adverse events promptly and accurately to management.

Employees will inform management of any damaged or used emergency equipment in a timely manner, so that it can be repaired or replaced.