1. Our Commitment

1.1 Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd is committed to healthy work and wellbeing by taking precautions to ensure employees have the correct equipment to protect themselves when conducting work activities.

1.2 The company will ensure they have put all reasonable actions in place to eliminate or minimise risks and will only select to use PPE as the last line of defence against hazards and risks.

1.3 This policy will be made available to all workers including contractors. New workers will be given a copy of this policy at their induction. Managers and supervisors will remind workers of the policy from time to time.


2. Our Response

2.1 Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd will cover the costs and provide the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employees and ensure the following:

i. Undertake regular inspection of PPE as advised by manufacturers (different PPE items require more frequent checks) and check for deficiencies or damages and obsolete equipment that is no longer operational.

ii. Replace any PPE that has been deemed as no longer operational.

iii. Ensure protective clothing is a suitable size and fit to each worker and is reasonably comfortable to wear and be compatible with any other PPE or clothing workers are required to wear or use.

iv. Ensure protective clothing is suitable for the nature of the work and any risks associated with that work.

v. Provide appropriate training and instructions on how to correctly use and maintain PPE. Workers will know the purpose and limitations to all PPE and how to look after it.

vi. All safety gear will comply to Australia / New Zealand Standards.

3. PPE supplied by Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd, but not limited to

3.1 Mercury Bay Hi-Ab Services Ltd will provide:

i. Safety glasses, earmuffs or plugs, hi vis vest and gloves

ii. Overalls – (where applicable)

iii. Face masks

iv. Safety boots

v. Harness and hard hat (as required)


4. Employee Obligations

4.1 To ensure you are protected from health and safety risks, we expect the following:

i.  Ensure that PPE supplied is being used correctly as per training and instructions provided. If workers are unsure of the correct use guidelines, we expect workers to inform management.

ii. Maintain PPE as directed by the suppler/manufacturer. If workers are unsure of the correct maintenance guidelines, we expect you to inform management.

iii. Regularly inspect PPE for deficiencies or damages and notify management immediately for replacement. If workers lose PPE, they are also expected to notify management immediately.

iv. If workers chose to provide their own PPE, they must ensure PPE meets the requirements of the business and adhere to policy rules.

v. At any time, a worker chooses to stop using their own PPE they must provide the business reasonable time to arrange alternative PPE.

vi. If workers leave within three months of employment, they must return their PPE e.g. boots, or they will be charged for these.

vii. If workers refuse to wear PPE without a reasonable cause, the company may undergo a disciplinary process.